The Confido Wealth Management Group at Manulife Securities Incorporated and Manulife Securities Insurance Inc. is committed to helping you achieve your financial objectives by helping you create a financial plan that offers you the freedom of choice. Our team name Confido comes from the abbreviated version of the Latin word confido-dere-sus-sum which means to have confidence in, to confide, rely and trust. This definition epitomizes the essence of the relationship between us and our clients. We use a proven holistic approach that includes portfolio and investment management, insurance plans, tax-efficient investing, debt management and estate planning.

Our investment philosophy is deeply rooted in sound business principles that have had a strong lineage of success. Every solution recommended for our clients must represent high quality investments acquired at attractive prices. We will not engage in any form of speculative investment practice or market timing. We will not follow the herds, jump on investment bandwagons or follow investment fads. Our investments must be within our circle of competence, fundamentally sound and possess a strong margin of safety. We view market volatility as our friend not our foe. As a result we use short- term fluctuation in the market as an opportunity to increase performance. Our objective is to preserve our client’s capital, deliver an attractive rate of return and organize our client’s investments in a tax efficient manner.

Don Levy with world's greatest value investor Warren Buffett.